Our Themes

SevenDays® Themes

Our themes help us focus on kindness in seven different ways,
on seven different days.

April 2022:
Each theme provides suggestions on how to engage in related, theme-specific kindness actions.
These themes also provide a roadmap of how we can grow
kindness every day, all year long.


April 13, 2022:
Participate in SevenDays® LOVE Day Kickoff Breakfast. Make it a day full of love. Write a small note to each family member to show them your appreciation and love. Show love to someone you miss by sending them a message of reconnection.

Reach out to those you care about. Share the love and warmth in your heart.


April 14, 2022:
Discover something new today. Take time to learn about another religion, culture, or group of people that pique your curiosity. Research with your family. Look for similarities, differences, and discuss what surprises you.

Take time to broaden your worldview.

SevenDays 2021 OTHERS Day Button


April 15, 2022:
Do an act of kindness for someone in need. Drop off needed supplies to an elderly friend or neighbor. Donate disinfectant to an elderly home or hospital. Take a token of appreciation to first responders. Anonymously put flowers on someone's front porch.

Give of yourself to others. Learn about and embrace someone who is an other in your community.

SevenDays 2021 CONNECT Day Button


April 18, 2022:
Connect with people today. Take time to connect in whatever way you can. Call a family member that you don't talk to often. Schedule a virtual family reunion. Have a virtual happy hour with friends and include someone you want to get to know better.

Seek connections with new people and gather together with family and friends. Gather together with others.


April 19, 2022:
Do something good for you today. Think about what makes you happy, then take the time to do it. You have our permission to focus on yourself today. Acknowledge that self-care is necessary for you and those around you.

Take care of YOU - mind, body, and soul.

SevenDays 2021 GO Day Button


April 20, 2022:
Challenge yourself to engage in an outdoor activity. Breathing fresh air helps everyone feel better. Take a walk outside. Go on a bike ride. Create a backyard obstacle course. Make and enjoy a picnic. Catch fireflies.

Be active inside, or take it outside. A body in motion makes for a happy soul.

SevenDays 2021 ONWARD Day Button


April 21, 2022:
Discuss the importance of continuing onward with kindness. Commit to actions that make ripples of kindness in the world. Create an action plan for increasing kindness throughout the year. Hold yourself and each other accountable.

Engage in our community by reaching onward and spreading kindness.