Our Themes

SevenDays® Themes

Our themes help us focus on kindness in seven different ways,
on seven different days.

April 2021:
Each theme corresponds with an event.

These themes also provide a roadmap of how we can grow
kindness every day, all year long.


April 13, 2021:
LOVE Day is a celebration of YOUTH in Kansas City! We highlight teens making ripples of kindness.

Reach out to those you care about. Share the love and warmth in your heart.


April 15, 2021:
Share a meal and fun activities at our DISCOVER diversity dinner while meeting new friends.

Take time to broaden your worldview.


April 17, 2021:
We provide hands-on activities that help you focus on taking care of your own mind, body, and soul on YOU Day.

Take care of YOU - mind, body, and soul.

SevenDays 2021 GO Day Button


April 19, 2021:
Engage in an interfaith workshop on GO Day and experience or observe a traditional Ramadan Iftar.

Be active inside, or take it outside. A body in motion makes for a happy soul.

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April 20, 2021:
Network with women in our community as we CONNECT over tea and cookies to make our world a better place through kindness, interfaith understanding and healing.

Seek connections with new people and gather together with family and friends. Gather together with others.

SevenDays 2021 OTHERS Day Button


April 22, 2021:
Dr. Izzeldine Abuelaish is our guest speaker on OTHERS Day. Be inspired by his journey of peace and human dignity.

Give of yourself to others. Learn about and embrace someone who is an other in your community.

SevenDays 2021 ONWARD Day Button


April 25, 2021:
What is your ONWARD? Join us for a Kindness Walk and consider your onward with help from our 14 charity partners.

Engage in our community by reaching onward. Continue onward with kindness. Commit to actions that make ripples of kindness in the world.