Corporate Resources – Videos

Thank you for sharing SevenDays® videos with your organization. You are making a ripple of kindness! These videos are each less than 2 minutes! Please follow the instructions below for optimal results!

  1. Tell your people why you will be sending them daily videos for the next week. – Hint: You want them to be happy, healthy and kind – thus creating a better living and working environment for everyone!
  2. Send your people the video in the morning. Each video is labeled by its theme. The themes go in order.
    • Monday April 8 – Overview
    • Tuesday April 9 – Love
    • Wednesday April 10 – Discover
    • Thursday April 11- Others
    • Friday April 12 – Connect
    • Saturday April 13 – You
    • Sunday April 14 – Go
    • Monday April 15 – Onward
    • Tuesday April 16 – Wrap Up
  3. Send a little note to your people with the video’s each day. Some suggestions include:
    • Purchase Kindness Cookies through our website:
    • Encourage them to participate in their own way.
    • Encourage them to attend our events.
    • Consider hosting a team for the walk.
    • Register the team for the walk.
    • Encourage them to share the kindness they are experiencing with their clients, family and friends
    • Encourage them to connect with a local charity.
    • Ask your people what they gained from participating in SevenDays 2019

Download links:

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Wrap Up